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Let a Miami Moving Company like Sergios Moving & Storage. Move your family or business with care, courtesy and professionalism. Whether you are moving local, residential or commercial, a few pieces across town or an office full of furniture, you will find Sergios Moving & Storage quite capable of meeting your needs.

We protect and take care of your furniture and belongings. At Sergios Moving & Storage, we are not in the business of making clients angry; we are in the business of making our clients satisfied and we want you to recommend us. If every client is happy with our services, we will continue to grow day to day, adding satisfied clients along the way.

We take pride in our profession; therefore, we keep our trucks clean and provide clean wrapping pads for your furniture. Our trucks are kept sanitized and in good working condition. We work hard at making our trucks the best in the business along with our service. If you the professional assistance of one of the best moving companies in Miami, give us a call.

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Generally, any lightweight items such as clothing, bedding, linens, may be left in dressers and trunks as these items will be shrink-wrapped anyway to hold the drawers in place. Hanging items in armoires and all desk items must be removed and packed in boxes.

All items vary in weight. Pack heavier items in the smallest book-sized boxes, and lighter items in medium to large-sized boxes. There is a common saying in the moving industry: “If the box is heavy for you, it is heavy for us.” Do not pack books, records, or magazines in medium, or large-sized boxes.

Be sure to carry on your possession any items that you will need immediate access to once you get to your new home. Items such as cell phones, wallets, important phone numbers, keys, etc. will be difficult to locate if packed into boxes and loaded onto the truck. Valuable items should also be taken by you to your new location.

There are several items which are considered hazardous and may not be loaded on the truck, such as gas cans, paint, aerosol cans, batteries, perishables, ammunition, cleaning supplies, and detergents. Pets may not be loaded onto the truck.

For local moves your charges are based on an agreed upon hourly rate for the number of movers provided, truck fee, and standard charges for additional moving supplies (if needed).


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